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Every day from Reinheimen Lodge

Wildlife Safari

Game safaris with local guides are offered daily from 20 June to 15 August. Then on weekends until mid-September. Welcome to a wild experience!

Reinheimen Lodge is located in Norway's perhaps most beautiful game area - with large and vigorous populations of moose, deer and roe deer.

Participants on a wildlife safari are driven by minibus to scenic forest and mountain areas near Reinheimen Lodge. Great chances of seeing moose, deer and roe deer. Sometimes we also see other game, such as reindeer and beavers. An exciting wilderness experience for both kids and adults!

On our wildlife safari, you get to meet the king of the forest, crown prince and princess at relatively close range. When we find moose, deer or roe deer, we try to act as carefully as possible so that you have opportunities to both see and photograph, before they move on.

Hot juice, coffee and cured moose sausage are served on local flatbread during the trip.

Moose, deer and roe deer are awake at night, which is why we must be too. The safari starts at 20:00 and we are back home between 22:00-22:30.

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Wildlife Safari

Safari Schedule

We run game safaris daily from 20 June to 10 August each year. Then on weekends until mid-September.

Before and after this, there are not many animals to see, and we do not take any bookings.

Meeting times:

Depart Reinheimen Lodge at 20:00

Departure Dønfoss at 20:15


Wildlife Safari

Practical Info

Wildlife safari is suitable for everyone from 6 years and up.


On a wildlife safari, a local guide leads the way to great hotspots where we can very much guarantee that you will see moose, deer and roe deer. If we are lucky, we also see beavers and wild reindeer at a slightly further distance.


It is important to be as quiet as possible when we get out of the bus. The animals see, hear and smell very well and are therefore easily frightened. Listen to what the guide says and follow instructions.


Remember warm clothes since we are out in the evening.

The wildlife safari lasts around two hours morning or evening and takes place by car.


Photography & Film

  • There will be plenty of opportunity to take pictures and film small snippets of the animals we meet. Be aware that animals are easily frightened by harsh noises and flashes.


  • Also, be considerate of the others on the same trip and make sure that they do not join your films or photos without consent.

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Wildlide Safari


  • Bookings are made by e-mail only.

  • Bookings must be made by 19:00 on the date of the desired game safari

  • Spontaneous bookings are possible at the reception at Reinheimen Lodge

  • The tour is conducted by a minimum of 4 paying participants.

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