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Reinheimen Lodge

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The adventure calls

Are you drawn to magnificent mountains, world-famous fjords and outdoor life in the absolute top of Norway? Reinheimen Lodge is located in the middle!

In the middle of Fjell-Norge - close to Fjord-Norge

Perfectly located between the mountain metropolis Lom and the fjord idylls Stryn and Geiranger you will find Reinheimen Lodge, on the historic mountain farm Heggli.  

Beautifully located by
Heggbottvatnet in the middle between the national parks Reinheimen and Breheimen, you can stay overnight at Reinheimen Lodge and eat well surrounded by experiences from the top mountain shelf.

The lodge serves breakfast, plates and dinner by prior arrangement. Wood-fired hot tub for rent at beautiful



The lodge is a perfect starting point for trips to many of Norway's largest
tourist attractions.

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At Reinheimen Lodge, the story sits in the walls and lives on in the mountains around you-

The historic mountain farm on which Reinheimen Lodge is located was once two farms. At the upper mill, Søre Heggebotn, you will find today old houses from the 1880s with lots of exciting history in the timber walls. An old log house from the farm has been moved to Maihaugen in Lillehammer.

It is said that the farm was once owned by an old gold digger who found gold in the mountains of Breheimen. He was allegedly killed on his way over to Sweden when he was on his way to sell the gold.

The farmhouse that today houses Reinheimen Lodge has previously been home to Norway's perhaps most active postman: Twice a week he walked over the mountain and down into the world heritage fjord Geiranger. The mail is coming!

Today we have found new gold on the sites of the two old farms, and we look forward to showing you everything Breheimen Lodge and the mountains and the fjord kingdom around has to offer!



Reinheimen Lodge offers exciting accommodation in four double rooms in the lodge and in two detached dome tents.

At Reinheimen Lodge you can rent a wood-fired hot tub and rowing boat for trout fishing and swimming. We work closely with mountain and cycling guides, and sell unique large game hunting for wild reindeer and deer with or without a guide.

During the winter months and weekdays in spring and autumn, Reinheimen Lodge can be rented in its entirety for private teams, family reunions and company trips - with or without a chef.  


Our goal is to give you a good experience and a good memory if you are in transit, want a base for day trips or want to take advantage of what nature in the area has to offer.



Skjåk has a unique location that gives you access to the best of both east and west, mountains and fjords.

Within day trip distance from Reinheimen Lodge are Geiranger, Stryn Sommerskisenter, Loen Skylift, Nasjonal turistveg Gamle Strynefjellsvegen, Lom national park village, Galdhøpiggen and Besseggen. In the immediate area you will find Norway's coolest outdoor swimming pool at Dønfoss, the adventurous Sota Sæter, the local food dish Billingen, the historic Grotli Høyfjellshotell, rafting and mountain riding - as well as two fantastic national parks.  

The inland climate here gives very little precipitation and makes Skjåk one of the driest places in Norway, it is in fact
only a few places in southern Europe that are drier. Perfect for adventurous holiday experiences!


All year round at Reinheimen Lodge


High season with full houses and full offers! IN  the kitchen at the lodge conjures up our Spanish chef for short-distance treats and Spanish specialties. Breheimen Bar is open and it is possible to order breakfast before the day's adventure and a wood - fired hot tub for those who do not want to sleep away on summer nights.


Hunting and fishing are at the forefront in Reinheimen and Breheimen, and on all sides around us, autumn mountains and fjords are exploding in color. 
The kitchen at Reinheimen Lodge offers guided big game hunting and trout fishing, as well as an open restaurant by prior arrangement each evening. From the autumn holidays, the lodge can be rented for closed teams. 


In the middle of winter, Reinheimen Lodge is closed, but can be rented out to private groups and companies on request.

Reinheimen Lodge offers adventurous winters, with large amounts of snow and miles of groomed cross-country trails and fantastic summit hikes on skis. 


The mountains in Skjåk receives enormous amounts of snow from Western Norway, which combined with some of Norway's highest mountain areas gives
fantastic conditions for spring ski trips and summit trips.

In May, one hour after the ski trip, you can experience a full summer in Fjord Norway! 

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