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Motorcycle Routes

Reinheimen Lodge is located in the perfect spot for adventurers on two wheels - in the middle of the Norwegian mountains and close to the Fjord Norway. Here we show you some of our favorite routes on two wheels - with links to tour descriptions and maps. 


Route 1

Geiranger & Dalsnibba

Attractions:  High mountains, hairpin bends and world heritage fjord

Distance:  100 kilometers round trip

​Road:  Asphalt

Route 2

Around Reinheimen

Attractions: Geiranger, Trollstigen, Romsdalen, Reinheimen and Lom

Distance:  300 kilometers round trip

Road:  Asphalt (and ferry)


Route 3

National Tourist Icons

Attractions:  National tourist roads, Sognefjellet, Valdresflye and Gamle Strynefjellsveg.  

Distance:  Depends on the selected circular trail

Road:  Asphalt & gravel

Grims 1.jpg

Route 4

The world's most beautiful mountain valleys

Attractions:  Grimsdalen, Dovrefjell, Slådalsvegen, Vågå & Lom

Distance:  350 kilometers

Veidekke:  Gravel (50 kilometers asphalt)

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